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Filter-In-Bottle Premium (Hario) - Black


Capacity : 800ml

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A stylish and large-capacity bottle inspired by the bottle of champagne. It is perfect for Mizudashi (水出し), meaning “cold brewing” in Japanese, which is a super easy way to brew your tea without heating the water at all. Simply add your tea, pour in cold water, and let it sit overnight; By morning, your iced tea will be ready to enjoy!

Cold brew achieves the natural sweetness and umami taste of green tea without any bitter notes. The main compounds responsible for astringency and bitterness aren't very soluble at low temperatures, leaving a crisp and clean infusion of tea.

The lid of the bottle is made with food-grade silicone and the filter is constructed from food-grade polypropylene.

Large 800ml Bottle - enough to serve the whole family (around 6 cups).

For detailed instructions on use, see here


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