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Kyusu Teapot Premium (Tokoname) - White


Capacity : 300ml

Get the most out of your tea with a Japanese made Kyusu, a style of teapot that has been in use since the 9th century. 

A Tokoname ware made in Aichi prefecture. Tokoname ware (常滑焼, Tokoname-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery, stoneware, and ceramics produced in and around the municipality of Tokoname, Aichi, in central Japan.

This Kyusu has a fluorinated filter that prevents the tea leaves from sticking, and a dome-shaped structure that allows the tea leaves to spread easily.

It is made from clay and serves 2 cups ~100ml of green tea, just the right size for everyday use.

Best results are achieved with 2.5 grams of tea, 80 degree water and a steep time of 2 minutes. Second and even third infusions are encouraged! 

This premium design features a swirl pattern on the lid and body and a different colourway.

In terms of cleaning, please simply use water or hot water to rinse the inside of Kyusu and never use dishwashing detergents. Every time when brewing tea with the Kyusu, green tea’s antioxidants and hot water will help prevent the growth of any concerned bacteria.

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